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Fully Furnished Office Rental in Germany offers fully furnished executive suites, professionally equipped office space and cost effective corporate real estate in Germany. The office space for rent includes a wide range of essential services, making setting up a business in Germany faster and easier than ever.


Recommended Offices in Germany

Aachen Office Space

The refined design and stunning landmark architecture are locally renowned as a commercially significant business establishment incorporating a neutral palette, international style, and industrial... Read More >>

Bad Homburg Office Space

This office centre, located right in the heart of the city Giessen, is located in a former production hall which has been converted to modern office space. Both co-working and private office are... Read More >>

Berlin Office Space

This quirky office space, located in Berlin Schöneberg, offers serviced offices, as well as co-working space. With it being 3500 square meters, it is a spacious center with lots of useful amenities... Read More >>

Germany for Business: Why Companies Rent Offices in Germany

Germany's excellent economy, well developed infrastructure and high standard of living, coupled with an impressive import/export industry, make it an exceptional choice for companies looking to relocate or open new office branches.

Germany is a major world power and a member of the United Nations, G8 and NATO. It has a population of over 82.7 million people, the largest among the European Union's member states. This workforce is well educated and highly productive, with the majority focused on service industries.

Germany boasts the largest economy in Europe, the fourth largest economy in the world. The country is the world's second largest exporter of goods and the third largest importer.

Germany is considered a leader in technological and scientific fields and the service sector accounts for 70% of the country's GDP. Important global brands include BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Adidas, along with Deutsche Bank, Siemens and the country's most profitable company, Allianz. Foreign investment is highly encouraged, particularly in former East German areas. provides comprehensive listings of available office space in Germany. We also arrange viewings, negotiate the agreement and get you the best deal - all at no cost to you. We are experts on office space in Germany and would be happy to help you find exactly what you need.

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