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Find your perfect Office Space in Asia & Pacific

Asia is the perfect location for setting up company headquarters and new offices due to its sizable, educated and cost effective workforce, rich natural resources, large number of financial and business centres and economic growth regions.

The Asia bloc of countries generates over a third of Global GDP of all the continents on the globe, and the largest in the world when measured in terms of purchasing power parity. The top economies in the continent are China, Japan and India. There are many countries within Asia that are currently benefiting from economic booms and South Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia all have very high GDP growth rates.

Asia has a wealth of natural resources including forests, petroleum, rice, fish, water, silver and copper, and exporting is a large revenue winner. One of the predominant industries in the continent is manufacturing due to the relatively low cost of labour and developed infrastructure. The major financial hubs for Asia include Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai and Singapore.

Business process outsourcing and call centres are key employers in India and in the Philippines, and IT is a growth industry in the region. Some of the large corporations that are based on the continent include UBM, Aviva Asia and AXA.